South Georgia Fox Beagle Association


SGFBA  Rules


Field Champion(FC) 

Wins and top five must be in the SGFBA

- 2 wins and 80 total points

- 1 win plus high point hound and 80 total points

- 1 win plus 2 more top five places in same season and 80 total points

-  High point hound plus 3 top 5 finishes in same season and 80 total points

- 1 win plus 3 top 5 finishes in another season and 80 total points

National Field Champion(NFC)

- National win -15 pts down to 1 point.

Golden Field Champion(GFC)

- Field champion requirements plus 45 points(125 total)

National Golden Field Champion(NGFC)

- Golden field champion + National win

High Point Hound Qualifications

- Female and Male with the highest SGFBA points for the season

- Awards will be given to top 10 hounds in the Female and Male classes standing each year

Dam & Sire of the year qualifications

- Dam and Sire dog with the highest number of offspring placed in SGFBA in that season

Breeder Of The Year Qualifications

 Breeder with the highest number of hounds placing in SGFBA that year. 


     Only points from the SGFBA will be maintained. Each hound will begin their SGFBA career with o points. Only AKC & CKC& NKC registered beagles will eligible for points . Unregistered hounds , however , will eligible to compete in the hunt for trophies, etc. Earned credits from other associations such as FC,GFC, and NFC will be recognized in our trial results but their points will not carry over.


Height Rule and Guidlines

  1.The height limit for all SGFBA TRIALS WILL BE 17 1/4''

   2.An available officer or designee will measure all placing hounds during the picture taking process. The hound owner will not cast a vote in their measurement regardless of his or her status with the assoc.All other members will vote to qualify or disqualify the questionable hound for that hunt.

   3.Hounds will be measured in a normal relaxed posture. They will not be posed in a show stance or with legs stretched out. Front legs must be vertical. Back legs may be slightly pointing backwards.

   4.Hounds will be measured behind their shoulder blades (behind the withers) with a common measuring device. The back may touch the device but must not lift it off the table.

   5.Any questionable hound can be measured before the hunt at the discretion of the owner.If a hound is measured out after the hunt the entry fee will not be refunded.


Association Guidlines

1. A membership fee of 10$ will be due at the beginning of each year. This fee will insure the member recieves results and a newsletter. This fee must be paid in order to enter any hounds in trial.

2. There will be a president, vice-president, and secretary/treasurer.

3. Each office will be voted on at the championship hunt at the end of trial season.

4. All members are eligible for office after one year of active membership. The member must not miss more than two trials the prior year to be considered for office. 

5. All hunts will have a twenty dollar entry fee.

6. Any unused numbers not turned in by the Monday night before the hunt will be subject to a $5 penalty per number paid at the next hunt that member attends. No more numbers will be issued to this member until the penalty is paid in full. The only excuse should be a female in season.

7. If a female is in season there is no exuse for running her in the trial.

8. No food will be allowed at the cast area.

9. Any SGFBA member will abide by the rules and regulations. 1st offence member will be on probation. 2nd offence member will be asked to leave

10. When a dog is 16 months- if placed will be measured and the owner has to present the dog papers.The hound will no longer be required to be measured in future SGFBA trials after 16 months of age given that the dog measured in the size regulation.

11. All tracking devices will be placed in a lockbox or specified location while the trial is in process. Handhelds will be returned "when the horn is blowed."

12. If a member misses 2 or more consecutive hunts he/she forfeits their permanent SGFBA trial numbers.

13. Dogs DO NOT have to have placed in a regular sanction hunt to be eligible to run in the championship hunt at end of year.


      Judging Guidlines

1. Cast time will be at daylight unless otherwise specified.

2. All santioned trials will be a minimum of 4 hours unless determined by master of hounds and association officers to be unsafe due to weather.

3. Most scores will be speed and drive.If a hound is missed in a crossing the following hounds will not be scored.If a hound is missed due to unclear numbers,the following hounds will be scored.Hunting and trailing points will be added into the speed and drive score for the hounds total score.

4. True scoring will be used.All hounds will be scored as they cross.Odd and even numbers will be seperated during the final scoring process.

5. The most 1st place crossing will break all ties. In the event that the 2 tied hounds have equal 2nd place crossing will break the tie, and so on.

6. The master of hounds will appoint a home plate judge who will check the cast area 3 or more times during the hunt.Hounds will be scratched accordingly.

7. A grace period of 15 min. will be given at the start of each trial. No scratching will be done in this period;however ,scoring should start immediately

8. Once the original grace period of 15 min. expires, all hounds returning to cast area will be scratched. The judge should allow a few minutes to continue on. All hounds returning to cast area should be crated. 

9. Hounds will not be marked.

10. Scratching for babbling will take place, but must take 2 seperate judges to have dog scratched.