South Georgia Fox Beagle Association


2012/2013 Puppy/ Derby Hunt

Tracy Williams' Fox Pen


1st Place


1st Place Puppy: #4 Williams' Powerade/ Tracy Williams 
1st Place Derby: #111 Brickyard Dynasty/ Brickyard Kennels



2nd Place Puppy: #18 Whitetail Domino/ Whitetail Kennels
3rd Place Puppy: #8 Canebrake Hank/ Canebrake Kennels



4th Place Puppy: #00 Canebrake Smokey/ Canebrake Kennels



5th Place Puppy: #20 J&D's Mid Nite/ Jerome Dyal
6th Place Puppy: #12 G&R's Joey Do Work/ G&R Kennels



7th Place Puppy: #08 Whitetail's Raven/ Whitetail Kennels
8th Place Puppy: #14 G&R's Minnie Mouse/ G&R Kennels


9th and 10th Place

9th Place Puppy: #24 J&D's Junior/ Jerome Dyal
10th Place Puppy: #6 Whitetail's Raymona/ Whitetail Kennels



2nd Place Derby: #7 Snelling's Cricket/ Richard Snelling



3rd Place Derby: #21 J&D's Bo/ Jerome Dyal
4th Place Derby: #23 J&D's Rosco/ Jerome Dyal



5th Place Derby: #11 J&D's Daisy/ Jerome Dyal
6th Place Derby: #9 Snelling's Stroker/ Richard Snelling



7th Place Derby: #19 Brickyard Destiny/ Brickyard Kennels
8th Place Derby: #41 Snelling's Judge Judy/ Richard Snelling


9th and 10th Place

9th Place Derby: #69 G&R's Levi/ G&R Kennels
10th Place Derby: #13 Brickyard Magic Mandi/ Brickyard Kennels


Classiest Hound

Logan Parker (Tracy Williams' Grandson) recieved Classiest Hound for Williams' Powerade.